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Integrate your team, processes, and tools together.

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Phantom helps you work smarter

Automate repetitive tasks to force multiply your team’s efforts and better focus your attention on mission-critical decisions.

Work Smarter
  • Automatically triage events to eliminate noise from your workload
  • Pre-fetch threat intelligence to support your decision making
  • Orchestrate complex workflows to improve efficiency and precision
END CONTAIN shutdown system CONTAIN disable user INVESTIGATE hunt file CONTAIN block hash INVESTIGATE file reputation START

Phantom helps you respond faster

Reduce dwell times with automated detection and investigation. Reduce response times with playbooks that execute at machine speed.

Respond Faster
  • Execute actions in seconds instead of minutes, hours, or more if performed manually
  • Choose the right response with more than 1,000+ APIs and 200+ apps supported in the Phantom Platform
  • Build playbooks quickly and without coding using the Phantom visual playbook editor

Phantom helps strengthen your defenses

Integrate your existing security infrastructure together so that each part is actively participating in your defense strategy.

Strengthen Your Defenses
  • Deploy apps developed by Phantom, the community, or your own team
  • Marshall the full power of your security investment with defenses that operate in unison
  • Improve security by reducing your Mean Time To Resolution (MTTR)
“Automation with Phantom enables us to process malware email alerts in about 40 seconds vs. 30 minutes or more.”

Adam Fletcher, CISO

“Phantom is pioneering an automation and orchestration platform that will dramatically reduce the response and remediation gap caused by limited resources, an increasing threat surface and incident rate, and the overwhelming complexity of an organization’s security enterprise.”

George Hoyem, Managing Partner

“Booz Allen’s accumulated cyber intelligence, and machine intelligence integration expertise paired with Phantom’s cutting-edge platform will together empower organizations to battle cyber threats in new ways, with surgical precision and at machine speed.”

Angela Messer, Executive Vice President

“Phantom enables us to automate routine tasks in the SOC. Simple processes that could take 45 minutes or even longer, now run in seconds.”

Jessica Ferguson, Director of Information Security Architecture

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