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When you join the Phantom Community, you get access to the free Phantom Community Edition, the latest Phantom Apps and Playbooks, Phantom experts, as well as other security Pros like you.

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Access Developer Resources

Phantom Apps and Playbooks are built with one language: Python. When you join the community, you get access to our developer documentation, as well as other great resources that will help make your app or playbook its best.

Why should you write an app?

The Phantom App provides the integration that connects your offering to the hundreds of other offerings we support. You can also get recognition from the community when you contribute an app, a great career building exercise!

Why should you write a playbook?

Security evolves quickly. When you contribute playbooks back to the community, you are helping other security teams model their defenses to protect against new threats.

Challenges & Contests

We regularly hold app and playbook challenges to encourage community participation. In addition to helping drive automation forward, you can have fun competing against your counterparts and earn great prizes while doing it!

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For Technology Partners

Partner for Joint Success

As a Phantom technology partner, you’ll collaborate with our team to integrate with the industry leading security automation and orchestration platform.

Accelerate Technology Integration Efforts

Optimize your integration with the Phantom Platform and participate in joint use case development, extending the increased value that we jointly bring to mutual customers.

Build and Increase Awareness

Drive exposure to your offering by making your integration available to our large community. Further increase awareness through joint marketing activities with Phantom.

Drive New Business

Identify and advance new sales opportunities through joint go-to-market programs.

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